101 Ways to Wake Up Your Imagination

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If you’ve at any point experienced writer’s block you realize how disappointing it is gazing at a blank page or screen unable to write. Commonly, a writer’s block is brought by feelings of not being good enough and self-actuated pressure to write an ideal draft, otherwise called “perfect draft syndrome”

Here are some ways in which you can beat the blank page and wake up your imagination.

  1. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and search for something fascinating.
  2. Make metaphorical analogical associations between that fascinating thing and your problem.
  3. Open a dictionary and haphazardly point to a noun. Use it in a sentence. Try to connect between the word and your problem.
  4. Read different newspapers. Whatever you used to read, just reading the opposite ideas of that.
  5. Tape-record your ideas while you commute
  6. Keep a log of your ideas and your observation while you travel.
  7. Steal, think, from where or whom you can copy? (Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist)
  8. Take a different route to your work.
  9. Change your workplace for a while. Like if you are working indoors, then try to move outdoors
  10. Think of the most bizarre idea you can. And then try to make it realistic.
  11. Make a song about what is happening around you.
  12. Talk to creative person you know
  13. Tell 4 people about your ideas, and know what they think
  14. Start Doodling as a daily habit. A lot of creative ideas come to mind while scribing over a napkin or envelope.
  15. Combine your thoughts and try to create something new out of them
  16. Take an old story or article and rewrite it with a different angle.
  17. Try to describe every problem in 1 word.
  18. Draw your problem paper. Do not use words just picture only.
  19. Talk to an absolute stranger about your problem.
  20. Change your daily routines.
  21. Mindmap your problems.

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