Hi I’m Abhishek Mishra

A solo freelance writer on a mission to save you from the linguistics mediocrity, since 2016.

Even after trying a wide range of professions including- digital marketing, sales, brand consultancy, advertising, journalism, etc.- I have always focused on only one thing which matters most to me-language.

Anyway, most of the freelance writers have to stall under other jobs until they finally realize where they are really good. That’s why I try to train the novice writers so that they can find their own tone and voice.

And of course, I can write in many languages. I can write in Hindi, English, and Spanish.

About Me:

Most of the time, I write for the meticulous clients rather than for myself, so this feels indulgent. Whenever I thought of telling about myself in an article, I generally stop myself because it is not useful to you.

So basically this is just one big page where I can write all about myself, without trying to be useful to anyone. I also write on my personal blog Lessons to Learn, there I share my opinions of self-improvement, life, money & health.

Anyways, if you have any questions or just want to talk about the deeper meaning of life and how we’re all going to eventually die…

Shoot me a message!

As long as you’re not pitching me some bitcoin bullshit — I’ll respond. 

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