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The Latest Blogging Trends: Best Content Practices in 2020

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Being a content writer I get to work with big marketing companies. Helping them to create their content to power their content marketing, SEO, and inbound marketing.

As owing to those working opportunities, I get the chance to observe the data trends and see which the blogging and content marketing trends will take place in upcoming years.

To be good at content writing, I try to assimilate all the information on content marketing I can get.

I also verify these trends by observing my customers’ behavior, along with the success rate of campaigns of marketing agencies.

So, with data and my hands-on experience along with wise words of industry leaders, let’s answer the question.

Which Content Marketing Trends To Follow in 2020?

#1 Content Quantity Matters

How long should be a blog post in 2020?

Generally, this could be a tricky question to answer. Most of the searches on Google are made on the phone ( a small screen device). Thus, your content should smaller in length so that it could read in one-two swipes.

But, how can you provide all information in such short length?

And that’s your dilemma! Either choose to write short and reading-friendly articles or write long posts and keep your readers engaged. (the time user spend on a website affects your SEO too)

Let’s see what data has to say:

In 2016 a study by Orbit media shows that word count of an average blog post has risen from 887 words in 2015 to 1054 words in 2016.

And research conducted in the previous year by Search Metrics shows that the word count has reached up to 1,690 words and still going to rise in the upcoming year.

So one way or another, the thing is: You better start writing or hire a writer.

Short articles are might be easy to read, but they do not generate results that most bloggers need. On the other hand, long post with 1200+ words tend to attract more social media attention, which leads readers to spend more time on your site.

The simple thing is if you can’t solve the user’s all questions on one page, then he is bound to go to another website to get the remaining piece of information.

And this hurts not only your SEO but your site’s utility to users and to Google as well.

Users are looking for actual solutions to their problems. And they want all of the information in one place, which they couldn’t find after scurrying through 15 websites.

And to write those lengthy articles you need someone dedicated enough to do all the research, editing and proofreading for you.

So who has the time to write and research for you? Answering this question should be your first step in building the 2020 content strategy.

#2 Be Useful To Readers

There is an old marketing tactic, of giving freely first before asking something in return, on which content marketing thrives.

The trick is simple. All you have to do is to find out what is valuable for readers and what content is profitable to your business. You have to just mix both of them in your content in a natural way.

Publishing more number of long and comprehensive content-pillar pages- on your website for free will help you to build a community around your business product.

Reason for that is:

  1. Google, nowadays, is becoming more and more efficient in delivering relevant content to its users. So if your site is stuffed with fluffy and over-promotional content, it may work in the beginning, but in the long term, you may find yourself in the last pages of search results.
  2. The competition has been increasing continuously since the boom. Now companies have started to take their content very maturely. So if you do not stop delivering underwhelming content, you will lose to your competitors.

So, in nutshell, you have to give, educate, and serve your customers before selling anything to them.

It’s more important than ever to include other media with blog articles: pictures, video, and audio helping to attract readers and truly engage them in your content.

And that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Writing effective, high-valued, a media-loaded article is a process, and you won’t get it directly on your first attempt.

Still, I insist you follow the process given in the image below.

Image Source: Valuable Content.

#3 Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Content

If you have written a great piece of content, don’t pat yourself now. You are only halfway there to make your blog viral.

After writing a helpful and comprehensive article, you need it to optimize it in order to rank in Google’s searches and stand out on social media.

Before moving further ahead, if someone says to you that

don’t optimize your content, just write great articles and leave rest to the Google.

Don’t Follow this advice if you are serious about getting traffic in Google Searches.

Recently, Hubspot published a study where it says that optimizing their previous content leads to an exponential increase in their traffic.

Taking time to refresh your old content should be easy, yet many companies have let it slide for quite a long time. If that’s you, you should change it in 2020.

And don’t forget the MobileMonkey CEO Larry Kim’s advice as it’s still sound relevant:

“The greatest mistake bloggers make with updating is to update the content that is crap in any case. A post that went no place on the blog a half year ago isn’t probably going to show the better results after being updated.”

-Mobile Monkey CEO Larry Kim

That implies you have to think about which posts you republish before you get the chance to work. Try not to guess—be deliberate, see your Google Analytics, and keep in mind that you have to add value!

#4 Promote Your Content: Nothing Sells itself.

Okay so now you have written a good comprehensive content that you have optimized as well. But still, your job is not over yet. And that’s why you should not expect overnight traffic over your site.

If I get a dollar for each time a customer said to me something sounding similar to:

“I published my article seven days ago and I’m still not seeing any traffic from Google… ”

I could most likely purchase an extremely pleasant house in Palm Beach.

OK, perhaps a medium house in Mumbai.

In any case, the point remains the same. You most likely won’t see astonishing results just right after publishing your content.

Writing an amazing post is incredible, and an essential part of the riddle, yet it’s not the entire riddle.

You have to get your content out into the world to get it noticed and kick start your content marketing machine. And if you want to attract people to your blog, you have to tell individuals about your content, and there are a lot of ways to do it.


Promotion on social media implies more exposure. You need to make posts that others are eager to share, however, social media posts on one stage is only the start. Make certain to share on a wide variety of platforms, in addition, get into Facebook groups, discussions, and even Reddit. The more others share your content, the more you can flag your impact on Google search ranking.

Email marketing

It enables you to associate with individuals who have shown excitement for your content previously. Strong email marketing dribble campaigns and newsletters allow you to acquire clients who may have passed or who haven’t thought about your website for a while.


The act of alluring different sites to link to your site can appear to be a long shot but produces genuine results. After you create a bit of content (or even while you’re thinking what to write on), ask yourself, “who will promote this and why?”
Do you know individuals with websites?
Would you be able to look and discover websites in your industry with readerships who may find your articles helpful?
Send them a snappy, friendly-email and inquire as to whether they’d consider sharing your content with their readers on their site.

In nutshell, promotion is more than shouting it out here-there.

The more you put your blog out, the more individuals will have the option to discover it.

This will be genuine 100% of the time, regardless of whether, even from a pessimistic point of view, just one more individual reads your post than before you promote it. One reader is all you need some time to win more business!

#5 Take Your Time While Creating Content.

Since now you have already realized that articles are getting longer, and brands are more focused around valuable content than ever. Those two content marketing patterns make this trend much more reasonable.

As indicated by one study of emerging blogger trends, the number of hours and efforts most bloggers are spending on their posts is increasing. Between 2015 and 2016, something clicked in the psyches of content advertisers everywhere,

And the same study shows that the additional effort is paying off. Orbit Media detailed that 38.9 percent of the bloggers who burned through at least six hours creating a blog post felt that they saw “solid outcomes” in view of their blogging efforts.

And this brings us to the one question which you need to consider if you want your content to be noticed in 2020

Who is your Content Writer?

Delegating that task to somebody in-house is an incredible option, as long as you have a colleague who has time for your website’s 2020 blogging strategy and understands content marketing.

Or hiring a freelance writer also could be a productive way of teaming up on content without creating it yourself. It’s often the most financially savvy, as well (if that bothers you!)

Over To You

Which of these blogging trends in 2020 will you be joining into your content strategy?

What changes would you be able to make to your present technique to remain appropriate and competitive in the present scenarios?

Remember that with regards to your blogging methods, little changes can have a major effect. Little changes to your content, such as making longer posts, changing your posting frequency, and moving up your media can have a major effect on your audience.

With the correct moves, this could be your best blogging year ever!

And in case you’re interested in more articles like this, follow my blog.

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