How Does Freelance Writer Grow Over Time?

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Do You Know?


Most of the writers started their journey exactly where you are right now i.e. as a freelance writer.

In fact, me too.

At the time, I had passed my High school exams and eventually choose to study Literature in college. It seemed great to have a college degree, but more or less it was just a degree with no future. There were no specific jobs, no outlined skills that I could practice. The only best thing about my college life was the plenty of time. I had all the time in the world to do whatever I want.

And that’s where I decided to use this time sensibly into something productive… something which could help me establish my feet in the world… something which could help me to show the world what I am capable of.

So I decided to prepare for government jobs.
Well, I liked to study, but not the tedious General Sciences and G.K. books which provided no value beyond certain exams.

I was miserable there and I kept thinking to myself, “Why am I doing this?” Over time I just stopped enjoying life… and that was about the time I discovered freelance writing.

My starting experience in the freelance writing world wasn’t great though. Tons of websites promised that I could make great money right from my living room. And there was not a single website that hadn’t made this promise. But, the simple truth about most of those websites is that they would-

  • Never pay writers when they promised to
  • Take a hell lot of time with edits, processing, and feedback
  • Rarely have enough work for you to make a living
  • Break their policies or simply cheat you on a regular basis.

Of course there are few exceptions like this

Finally, I realized that

It’s better to reach directly to the clients rather than haggling my way out on these cheap websites.

But that’s for another post.

Today I just want to make one thing clear to you. If you have decided to be a freelance writer and wondering if it’s really worth it or not. Well, I can assure you that you can earn a hell lot of money. But to earn those big paychecks, you need to prove yourself as a professional writer. One who can handle a steady project load and still deliver awesome content.

That’s the first lesson for you.

Clients want to find a specific freelance writer that they can trust and grow with. There are hundreds of things that a client needs to know about digital marketing, but they do not. That’s why they need a friend… someone just like you who will guide them in the right direction.

I will not lie to you- it took me a year as a writer before I was able to earn a nominal wage of ₹500 per hour. I also have suffered more than my fair share of horrible clients which made me think to leave all of this nonsense and work on my government jobs examination.

After working for almost a year, I finally landed my first important client from the United States. The guy was ready to pay double the price which I was getting from the Indian market. And that’s where it clicked me.

Now all I have to do was improve my skill to the level where I can get some foreign clients.

One of the first projects I worked on was a parenting site-who used to sell smart toys for children. I was the blog writer of their site and I had to write on a wide variety of parenting topics. I prepared articles on literally everything from ‘how to teach your kid to handwash’ to ‘how to be self-reliant’. But that was not just a filler content- I used to research a lot before typing any word and sending it to the client.

To be honest, I used to spend 3-5 hours researching the topic only, and almost every single one of my articles ranked on the first page of Google.


Simply put- I cared about my reputation and thus worked very hard to make those articles work. But more than that, the client simply directed me to google the term “self-help” and see what people were looking for when they typed these words (also known as Keywords). And base my all content around those topics.

That was it, a simple strategy that changed my way of looking at content writing.

Freelance Content Writing is not a way to get some easy money through just typing some random words and paragraphs. It’s a way to solve the problems of your readers. Helping your client’s websites to establish as an authority on that topic.

And all of it depends upon, how you put your words in article.

Now you probably are thinking that “I’m already doing that”. But no, you are not. Certainly not up to your potential. And let me prove it to you.

Just think of any favorite brand of yours. It may be a restaurant, a manufacturer, etc. Just pick anyone. Next, write down the 3 questions you always want to know about that industry. Now go over to that business’s homepage and try to find answers to your questions in less than 1 minute. Yup, you read it right, in just 1 minute.

An average visitor spends less than 20 seconds on a website before hitting the back button. I have given you 60.

Not trying to be cocky, but I can easily predict the results in our little experiment. Because I know that large companies don’t give a damn about consumers online. Most of them are too busy with branding and marketing to focus on something trivial. Despite the fact that almost 90% of the world uses their mobile phones to discover businesses in their area to meet specific needs.

Like, “How to remove stains from old clothes?” The answer is to use ‘vinegar’.

That’s the reason my client made me write those types of articles, and that’s exactly how you should research every single article you write in the future.

The trick is simple, just figure out who is going to read your article (target audience). What are his problems? And then make sure to provide better information than anyone else out there.

That’s it for today… in the next post, I will teach you about the keywords. Stay tuned.

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