How Phones Affects Your Brain and Body?

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Do you know that…

  • 6 out of 7 billion people own a cell phone which is pretty shocking as to that only 4.5 billion people have access to a working toilet.!!!
  • 63% of people from the age group 18-29 & 30% of people from ages 30-64 fall asleep while holding their smartphones.
  • And shockingly a double espresso influences our body less than the screens of our mobile phones!!!

Having a phone might sound usual to you but if you are looking at your phone right now, your spine angle is equivalent to that of an 8-year-old child sitting on your neck, which is significant considering the people spend an average of 4.7 hours a day looking at their phone.

Considering the research conducted by the Pew Research center in 2014, one can easily deduce the fact that how much part of our life this little plastic box occupies. See the infographics below, you will clearly notice that whether to get rid of boredom, or to get rid of people, or even to remember the basics things in our life, we tend to bow down before our phone.           

Well as to numerous advantages, there are also numerous ways in which your cell phone affects your brain and body. Here are some of them:

  • Confusion of Circadian Rhythms– As you probably know that our body tends to follow a specific biological clock which is synchronized with the sun. In simpler terms, our body secrets different hormones during different times of the day. That’s why you feel refreshed and energetic during the daytime, whereas lousy and dizzy during the dark hours. We feel sleepy during the night because of a hormone name “melatonin”, in the night which regulates the sleep cycles of our body. Using mobiles phone, especially in the dark, can rupture your sleeping patterns. The bluish light emitted from mobiles screens, make our brain to think that its morning time. Thus, the brain inhibits the secretion of melatonin and keeps you awake till late at night. At this moment it’s harder to fall asleep and wake up afterward.
  • Accumulations of toxins: While you work the hard whole day, residing bacteria in your body just party hard and accumulate various toxins on your body. Our super-smart body systems release these toxins during a long period of sleep. However, if you don’t sleep due to your phone, you tend to accumulate these toxins. These processes inherit a headache, exhaustion of nervous systems & stress. Due to lack of sleep, the brain neurons will not have time to rest and regenerate themselves.
  • Memory Disruptions: Not only gathering the new information but your brain will find it very hard to remember the familiar and old things. As brain condition would resemble a messy wardrobe, when it is cramped and over flooded with things, it would always become really difficult to find needed things.
  • Always hungry.: If melatonin produced incorrectly and sleep cycles are broken, there are chances that your organs will not work properly. As your body is tired but the mind is wide awake. So, it sends a signal or even demands the extra necessity of energy. You will feel the need to eat something. Though it’s not necessary. It could lead to digestion problems like obesity, indigestion, etc.
  • Vision disorder.: Remember the mom’s sayings to not watch the tv when the light is off. Well, she was right. The bluish light from tv or mobile influences the retina of our eyes and even damage it. Such an impact is especially bad in darkness. As not only your eyes structures become irritated, but your eyes suffer as well. That’s where the phrase: “My eyes got tired” came from. When 2000 people were tested for their vision problems. 55% admitted that their eye discomfort most probably stemmed from their habit of spending too much time including night hours on their smartphones
  • Addictive: A lot of what we do online discharges a hormone called ‘dopamine’ into the mind’s pleasure centers, leads to obsessive pleasure-seeking behavior. The arrival of dopamine frames the reason for nicotine, cocaine, and betting addictions. The inward breath of nicotine triggers a little dopamine discharge, and a smoker rapidly got addicted. However, cocaine and heroin convey greater dopamine shocks and are much more dangerous.

Topics I Will Cover In this Post:


  • Avoid Your Phone Before Sleep: Try to stay away from your phone for at least 2 hours before you hit the bed. Two hours would be more than enough for the brain to understand its already night and high time to get healthy rest.
  • Read a book: Instead of surfing the internet it is better to get a novel and read it while laying on the bed. You can use even an e-book, as some devices (kindle for example) does not produce blue light and hence not messing up with your biorhythms.
  • Use Special Apps: Well, if it’s really important to have your phone beside you, you can install various kinds of apps which filters the blue light. The light scheme of your gadget will change according to the time of the day. The screen would become warmer and redder during the night, which will significantly reduce risks (which we discussed above) of using a smartphone.

There is, obviously, no direct answer for this issue. The appropriate response begins with perceiving that our virtual condition has genuine results. If you think that you have better solutions to these problems, please let us know in the comment section:

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